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Gaia - Kirone Project Hotel il Granduca

Hotel in Florence
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Gaia – Kirone Project

For the holiday to become even more an opportunity to devote fully to yourself, Hotel Il Granduca embraces the philosophy of global wellness and the Gaia/ Kirone Project.

(Which is accepted and financed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies pursuant to article 12, paragraph 3, letter f), law December 7th 2000, n.383, financial year 2013, in collaboration with UNESCO – FICLU Italian Federation UNESCO Clubs and Centers)

In collaboration with professional, qualified and authorized to the G.A.I.A.  protocol.

We promote the experience of methods coming from bodily and evolutionary disciplines that favor a meaningful and pleasant personal experience.

Traveling to discover the countries, you will find the continent inside yourself.   (Indian proverb)